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  • Snowpack
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  • 47.0"
  • -27% below the seasonal average of 64". The highest snowpack in recent years was in 2019, when snowpack levels were recorded at 147.0 inches.
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  • 5 Day Forecast
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  • 2"
  • It doesn't look like there's any substantial snow forecasted this week with air temperatures ranging between 42° - 49° over the next 5 days.
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  • Snowpack Conditions

    -27% below the seasonal average of 64". The highest snowpack in recent years was in 2019, when snowpack levels were recorded at 147.0 inches.

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Tahoe Donner is a large home owners association located in the Sierra Nevada, off of Highway I-80, in Truckee, CA, which offers a ski resort, golf course & many other amenities and attractions. Tahoe Donner is located in California, five miles from Donner Lake and less than 20 miles from Lake Tahoe in the Sierra Nevada. The ski area usually opens 24–36 hours after receiving 2–3 feet of snow. Tahoe Donner Downhill Ski Area is owned and operated by the Tahoe Donner Association, one of America’s largest homeowner’s associations, with nearly 5,800 properties and 25,000 members enjoying over 7,000 acres in the Sierra Nevada mountains. In 2017, USA Today voting panelists ranked Tahoe Donner "Number two for Best Cross Country Ski Resort in the U.S. and Canada." Tahoe Donner attracts tourists from all over the world to its very unique and vibrant community. Tahoe Donner Amenities (some semi-private) include some of the following: Private Beach Club & Marina on Donner Lake (offers: Marina Grill, rentals, lessons, events), Ski Resort (offers: restaurant & bar, ski rentals, ski shop, ski & snowboard lessons), Alder Creek Adventure Center (Offers: A new Cross Country Ski Center, Alder Creek Cafe & Bar with outdoor patio, BikeWorks Shop, Equestrian Center with horseback riding trails), Golf Course (offers: Lodge Restaurant & Pub with deck dinning, T-9 Grill (downstairs), golf, golf carts, golf shop, banquet rooms, wedding tent in the Summer), Euer Valley (offers: walking trails etc.), Trout Creek Recreation Center (offers: Olympic & small size pools, hot tub, showers, locker rooms, retail shop, Marco Polo Grill (summer time pool side food service), fitness center, golf range, front counter snack & clothing sales, massages, winter snow play etc.), Club House (offers: Pizza on the Hill Restaurant & Bar, pool, pool side food & beverage, tennis center, admin. offices, etc.), Note: Bikeworks at Alder Creek Adventure Center (offers summer bike rentals & guided rides on its extensive trail system). In Tahoe Donner there are Hiking Trails (60+ Miles) and even a campground. Visit the Tahoe Donner website for the amenity map, golf course video tour, trail map, ski resort map, & cross country ski area map etc.. You will also find a calendar of events on the Tahoe Donner website. Annually, Tahoe Donner offers "Summer Concert on the Green" which attracts music concertgoers. The food & beverage menus for each of the establishments is available on the Tahoe Donner website. Tahoe Donner Board Meeting videos are available for viewing on its website and on Vimeo. Tahoe Donner also publishes a community Magazine; available in print or online on its website. Also see the Tahoe Donner "About Us" webpage for a introduction video to Tahoe Donner. In the winter, Tahoe Donner offers Alpine and Cross Country skiing, snow play etc. See the Tahoe Donner downhill website for a ski trail map and information on the new cross country center that was just built (Alder Creek Adventure Center), which offers food service etc. The cost to ski at Tahoe Donner is reasonable. During the summer, there are many different activities to enjoy. Golf, swimming, tennis, and hiking are only but a few of the many activities to enjoy. Tahoe Donner restaurants offer both fine and casual dinning. The Lodge restaurant food is award winning. Tahoe Donner Downhill Ski Area includes two chairlifts, three surface lifts, and more than a dozen trails. It is located in the western part of the town of Truckee. The Ski Area offers seasonal food services and a sun deck. Tahoe Donner Cross Country Skiers will now enjoy Alder Creek Adventure Center which is located at the Cross Country area mountain base. Alder Creek Adventure Center offers a great food menu and is open year round with patio dining offered. Tahoe Donner is located within a 5–15 minutes drive of downtown Truckee, CA. There are open-air cafés and restaurants in downtown Truckee. The Truckee region is quickly moving in the direction of becoming an international luxurious shopping & lodging experience for travelers worldwide. Tahoe Donner is accessible by highway I-80. For those commuting via small plane or private jet plane, the Truckee Tahoe Airport is located close by. The Reno International Airport offers another fly option although it is located further away, in Reno, NV. The Sacramento International Airport is also within a reasonable commute to Truckee, CA. That drive will take you on average, approximately 1.6 hours.

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Ski Area Stats

  • Night Skiing
  • Lift Count
    5 Lifts
  • Hourly Lift Capacity
    2500 per hour
  • Base Elevation
    2057 Meters
  • Terrain Park
  • Acreage
    120 Acres
  • Longest Run
    1609 Meters
  • Established
  • Run Count
    14 Trails
  • Top Elevation
    2240 Meters

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